About me

Hello. My name is Joni Viitanen. I am a certified dog trainer and the owner of Stulander.se. I’ve had dogs most of my adult life, and got into training them properly several years ago. My dogs have been recognized as hunting champions as well as behaved family members. I graduated from the nationally recognized Jeppe Stridh, as a certified dog trainer and have been training dogs and their owners semi professionally since then. The idea with my site is to convey my interests for dog training and to show the adventures me and my dogs have.

Joni Viitanen with dogsStulander.se is built as two sites in one:

Dog training: All of us love obedient dogs, but unfortunately all too few has that. I train dogs for customers and during some periods I also have courses in every day obedience, which is the basic connection with the dog that everybody should have in able to function in a good way regardless of the surrounding. Training is demanding but fun for you and your dog; it strengthens the bond, and improves your dog’s behavior.

My goal is to see too it that you have the dog you always wanted.

Promotion: Here you can follow me and my gun dogs on different adventures across Europe. It’s mostly about my experiences with hunting and hunting trials but also other interesting things.

Best regards:

Joni Viitanen